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Bill Thomson - Spiritual Medium

For those who are embarking on their journey of spiritual and mediumistic unfoldment, I hope that my webpage will be of some assistance to you.

It is important to remember that part of our spiritual journey arises from our experiences that we have in our physical life. In each and every one of us resides our true spiritual being, which continuously strives for its unfoldment whilst in the physical body.

As individuals we all reach this point in our lives, through significant life experiences – From the loss of a loved one  and our need to know they survived physical death - to the answering of an inner calling from our soul to  discover the true spiritual being and develop our spiritual awareness. That enables us to find our own vocation to serve the spirit within.

The spirit guide Silver Birch stated: “Our life is about the service to our fellow man”.

Having been a Spiritualist for over 40 years and having worked as a medium for over 30 years, I have demonstrated on platforms both nationally and internationally, given private sittings, healing, trance healing and spiritual assessments as well as seminars.

I would like to offer you my knowledge and experience and hope to help you on your personal development.

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