Bill Thomson - Spiritual Medium

I was born and raised in Glasgow, and have been aware of the spirit world from the age of 10.
My introduction into Spiritualism was through a friend’s mother who was a medium. I went to my first service at Kilmarnock Spiritualist church when I was 12 years old.

Until the age of 16, I stayed most weekends at my friend’s home and there had my introduction into how the spirit world communicates, firstly by being taught how to use psychometry, which is the reading of an object and then later connecting with the spirit world.

I left Glasgow at the age of 16 and joined the army where I stayed for 14 years. 

After the passing of my parents I returned to Glasgow and joined the Glasgow Association of Spiritualists where I develop my abilities as a medium. I served on the committee for many years as a member, vice president then President.

As a Minister of the Spiritualist National Union, which is the highest appointment within the SNU, I have achieved a great variety of awards of the Spiritualist National Union, holding Diplomas in Teaching, Public Speaking and academic B - Foundation, as well as Certificates of Recognition Teaching, Healing, Public Speaking and Demonstration. Long Service Award.

I am a Course Organiser and approved tutor of the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted near London.

My passion is in the teachings of Spirit, and helping others to experience this joy by carrying out services, seminars, private readings and private healing. My reward is working with others and seeing the joy in their faces as they develop an understanding of the mechanics of their mediumship and feeling the spirit world close to them.