Dates and Places

Developing your mediumistic and psychic awareness


If you feel that your soul is ready to take the step to explore your own gifts, to gain

confidence or strengthen your abilities to blend and work with the spirit - then why not attend one of following seminars.






Via Zoom November 2023-June 2024
with Bill Thomson



Deepening your psychic and mediumistic abilities, guided by one of the best international tutors of the famous Arthur Findley College in the UK.

Embark on a journey together to become your true self and

strengthen your communication with Spirit.


Host: Bill Thomson
Assist: Dannie Quilitzsch




The course includes eight sessions once a month,

meeting online via Zoom Wednesdays:


1. Session: November 29

2. Session: December 20

3. Session: January 24

4. Session: February 28

5. Session: March 20

6. Session: April 24

7. Session: May 22

8. Session: June 19 

Time: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm CET

You will receive the Zoom link after registration.


Costs: 390 Euro


Limited capacity. 

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Seminars in 2024:



  • Ostermund/Bern Seminare Mediumship 13-14 January
  • organiser Natascha Weber
  • Fribourg: Séminaire de Mediumship 09th-10th March
  • organiser Carole Sciboz
  • Fribourg: Séminaire de Mediumship 24rd-28th June
  • organiser Carole Sciboz
  • Fribourg: Séminaire de Mediumship 21st-22nd September 
  • organiser Carole Sciboz
  • Grenchen: Séminaire de Mediumship 28th-29th December
  • organiser Iris Ballabio

Switzerland 2025:

Seminars in 2024:


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Seminars in 2025:


Seminars in 2024:

  • Svartbäcken: Mediumship seminar-05-08 July
  • organiser: Sylvie Askö
  • AskersundMediumship seminar-05-07 April
  • organiser: Marjo Svensson


Seminars in 2025:


Seminars in 2024:

Seminars in 2025:


Seminars in 2025:

Seminars in 2025: Spain

Seminars in UK:

3 Day Seminar Glasgow



Seminars in 2024:

Courses at the Arthur Findlay College for the 2024:

  • The natural medium- 23rd-30th March
  • Swedish Week- 13th-20th April 
  • Swiss Week 1- 11th-18th May
  • Trusting Your Mediumship- 08th-15th June
  • Swiss Week 2- 07th-14th September
  • Mediumship & Spiritual Development- 28th September-05th October
  • The Power and Presence of Entrancement- 16th -22nd  November

Seminars in 2025:

Courses at the Arthur Findlay College for the 2023:

  • Swiss Week 2- 09th-16th September
  • Mediumship & Spiritual Development- 30 September-07th October
  • The Power and Presence of Entrancement- 18th -24th  November