Dates and Places

Developing your mediumistic and psychic awareness

If you feel that your soul is ready to take the step to explore your own gifts, to gain
confidence or strengthen your abilities to blend and work with the spirit - then why not
attend one of following seminars.

Seminars in 2019:


  • Einsiedeln: Trance-Arbeit: 4-teiliges Aufbauseminar -
    Sa, 19.01.2019 - So, 01.12.2019
    organiser MAS Akademie für Medium und Heiler
  • Fribourg: Séminaire de Trance-26-27 January 2019
    organiser Carole Sciboz
  • Fribourg: Semaine de Médiumnité-01-05-April 2019
  • organiser Carole Sciboz
  • Fribourg: Séminaire de Trance-06-07 July 2019
    Carole Sciboz
  • Bern: Mediumiship 1 year course - March-December 2019,
    organiser Andrea Rücker



  • Stockholm:-Trance 15th-17th February 2019
    organiser Sylvie Asko
  • Stockholm:-Trance 25th-27th October 2019
    organiser Sylvie Asko


  • Copenhagen:- Mediumship 26th - 28th April 2019
  • organiser Nynne Bojsen 


  • Rennes - Trance - 06th to 11th May 2019

    organiser Virginie Simard 35131 Chartres de Bretagne 06-86-21-24-09

Trance Healing
Le stage est ouvert à tous, débutants ou confirmés, pour découvrir et approfondir votre médiumnité à travers la transe, pour vous connecter à votre âme et au monde de l'esprit dans un véritable cheminement spirituel.
Trance Rennes 2019.pdf
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Trance Healing
We are pleased and honored to welcome Bill in La Rochelle to share his trance healing knowledge and experience over a 4 days training session to help us develop our own mediumship skills, practice different trance states and trance healing!
Trance Healing La Rochelle.pdf
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Seminars in UK:

Courses at the Arthur Findlay College for the 2019: