Healing - Trance Healing

The medium Bill Thomson during a healing treatment


Healing is where I connect with the Spirit World, and use this connection to bring the healing energy from the Spirit World. The healing energy is for every type of illness and condition, physical, mental and emotional. I do not heal, I am simply the instrument that the Spirit World use for the healing process. There is no guarantee that your condition can be cured, but there is always a positive effect after your healing session.

What can I expect from a healing?

You may feel the healing energy as the practice is taking place. And this is an individual experience, as everyone observes the healing process differently, from feeling very warm, or cold, to being aware of movements within the area where the condition is.

What will I have to do?

Come with an open mind, and relax. And enjoy the experience.

Trance Healing

I will use my trance abilities to bring you into a closer relationship with the spirit healers. Here there is the potential for a clearer healing energy to be present. You may be aware of stronger feelings and experiences than with healing.

The details:

A private healing usually lasts about 30 minutes and is by appointment only.

About a healing sitting and for any inquiries, please contact me: